Running from my prayers. Early educator chronicles

I have worked in childcare for over 15 years. I started as an on call sub, then floater, to teacher assistant, to lead teacher. My goal us to be a program coordinator to childcare centers. I have gone to school just to drop out started training for admin positions just to run away. But I love doing the work and helping out. I end up doing others ppl jobs if I see something that may help a classroom run smoothly. I love being the person ppl go to but when asked if I’m ready for an admin position I shy away and say no. I hate this about me I know I can do the job and finesse it but something in me wont allow me to step up to the Title. So today at a national training I was presented with a chance to step up. I had to force myself to commit and step up this time. I will create a support system and not be afraid.

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