I don’t know if it’s bad luck, karma,ju ju or what …..BUT I NEED A BREAK!!???!!!

Saturday morning in Fort Worth,TX rainy, mild, and windy weather. I cooked a big breakfast for the crew we horsed around as we waited on the weather to calm. About 1230 the sun started to peak…and I yelled “ok lets crew lets get dress and go find a car.” And the crowd goes wild the boys shout out what kinda car they want… A fast car, a blue car, a dragon ball z car (I wouldn’t be able to operate it lol). I didn’t know what kinda car I wanted but I know I wanted a Hatchback.

The first dealership we went to I saw a pretty blue Dodge very cute….. I test drove it and loved it as I talked to the dealer he slipped it it was in minor accident. He talked fast around the fact it was in an accident. NEXXXXXXXTTTTTT!!!!!!

So the next stop was a place I had did research on also. I lovedddd the atmosphere they were so kind and sweet to my kids. To make a long story short I ended up leaving with a Lexus. Now I am an “around the way girl” and I was happy and blessed to have this car but it was not my Hatchback. But I was happy and blessed to have a Lexus. My car I have now I have to reach in the gearshift to move gear but we rolling.

We went home chilled ate got ready to leave out for a afternoon downtown and I can not find my Drivers License. Uggggghhhh I call the dealership its not there not in either of my cars the new and old one. Its Lost😔. Tuesday morning I wake up and my new Lexus us gone!!! 😪😪😪😪 My first thoughts…..WHY DIDNT I GET MY HATCHBACK. Mannnn I’m sad but grateful I have auto theft insurance so I’ll get Kelly blue book value. We planned to get a room for the boys to end Spring break but you need 2 IDs for each adult. So there goes that staycation.

I’m not sure why I’m having the sucky week I’m having but I have faith it will get better. I’m grateful I still have my other car so I can get to work.

How do u channel bad luck in to positivity?

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