Marriage and Video games😒

I have been married for 11 lovely years. I love our marriage and growth. I was laying here remembering when we first got together in our early 20’s he played his video games all the time. I would complain and wine abd he would get off for a bit to pls me then get back on when all is forgotten. My husband has always been an introvert so I know this is kind of an outlet for him. He worked took care of home and adores me and he would say before and during playing “let me know if you need anything” if the boys needed his attention he was there. He would pause his game and attend to the boys fussing and fighting over air. But as soon as he turned his game on I would fuss. And I think now…..all that fussing FOR WHAT??!! He was home with me at night very trust worthy great dad and we always were having fun weather it was jokes or play fighting. But still with my husband and 3 boys who loved me I was so needy. In the beginning of our relationship I think I was jealous of a video game.😔

As the years have gone on I have become less needy and kinda take an interest in the games and what his clan is up to. I’m happy now that my husband has a outlet. He takes such good care of us at home and makes sure his family is taken care of. I have also found more outlets and started reading and writing again. Its helped with my confidence and I don’t feel as needy.

I was just sitting and thinking as I watch my husband play his game. Happy lazy Sunday folks from my bed to urs.

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